PhotoBooth Experience


Ever had a photo booth at your event? Not sure what to expect. Well let us try to fill you in on the photo booth rental experience.


We offer open air booths and or photo walls. Meaning that no walls or enclosures to keep people out. This allows plenty of room for nice large gathering to get all silly and take group photo’s for plenty to enjoy all at one time. The more the merrier right?


Being fully automated, this thing is intuitive, and easy to use. Even kids walk up with no given direction and know how to use this thing… True Story! Still can’t figure it out, having issues, or questions? No problem with every rental we have at least 1 full time photography attendant there to help you and your guest. We even sometimes take the time to dress you up in props.


Now for the goods. Every package comes a whole shit load of props…yea we said it shit load! We are talking about hats, glasses, canes, boa’s, necklaces, etc. That’s money right? We got money props too by the way. So many props these things will be spilling off the table and hangers we bring.


Now that you grabbed your props proceed to the photo booth. Press start and your photo session has commenced. A count down will begin on the screen. Take your props and pose right in front of one of our deluxe backdrops for our HD SLR camera. <~~~ that’s fancy meaning for high quality


Once your done with all your poses don’t forget to grab your print outs. Prints are made with a high quality non smearing dye-sublimation printer. Don’t have enough prints? Just ask for more you’re your attendant. Don’t be shy everything is and always will be unlimited here =)


Print outs come out with your custom message and design. These will be taken home by guest and shared for time to come. By the way digital copies are available upon request too.



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